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BreierCross- new generation

Breeding for better varieties

We are proud to introduce in this website our collection of carnation varieties.


Every year, we offer the market a diversified collection of varieties.

In this website, side by side with our established varieties, you will find our new varieties.


All the varieties were bred in Israel in our traditional breeding methods which we have been successfully using for the last 45 years.


All "BreierCross" varieties are tested in Israel, Japan, and Colombia and the selection of varieties is conducted separately and independently. This method guarantees the suitability of each variety to a specific region.


All grand mother plants of "BreierCross" varieties are propagated in our foundation nursery in Israel, and the source of our plants is in our nucleus house which is also located in Israel.

Each new variety is placed under close supervision that includes periodical tests for viruses, true to type tests, as well as various laboratory tests.  These processes are closely supervised by PPIS, Israel's plant protection and inspection services in order to guarantee the highest quality produce.


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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